PODCAST SERIES: Human Rights in a Burning World #2 — The World Burns Unequally

Do international institutions free us from our colonialist history, or do they perpetuate it? This episode takes a critical look at international legal institutions through the lens of Third World Approaches to International Law, a legal movement explained by Thamil Ananthavinayagan, professor of international law at Griffith College in Dublin. Then, University of Hawaii futurist and political scientist Jairus Grove discusses the history of global violence and his new book Savage Ecology: War and Geopolitics at the End of the World. This series is produced in cooperation with the Common Good Foundation, and sponsored by the World Peace Through Law section of the Washington State Bar Association.

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The Common Good Foundation and Solidarity House Cooperative present


This is a podcast series examining and celebrating the work of human rights advocates in a world of accelerating crises.

This series amplifies the work of international legal practitioners and advocates in the increasingly intense world of climate change, rising nationalism, and political instability. What good work is being done amidst the fires? We will talk directly to advocates and practitioners and hear their stories.

The Common Good Foundation is partnering with Solidarity House Cooperative which is a worker-owned production company whose members have produced podcasts for nonprofit advocacy groups and churches. The operations director of Solidarity House Cooperative is Matt Stannard, J.D., a producer and activist with experience in international human rights litigation, municipal financial reform, and sustainable farming.