CFP: Examining 21st Century Alleged Witchcraft Persecution

Call for Papers
The Resolution Journal

The Common Good Foundation in partnership with The Resolution Journal is publishing a special volume dedicated to Alleged Witchcraft Persecution (AWP).

This special volume is inspired by four themes related to AWP which continue to surface throughout the world. The first theme centers around civil society movements that seek to rectify historical wrongs. One example is the reversal of wrongful convictions against people who were witches. The second theme centers around those who belong to minority religions and whose practices are dismissed as witchcraft or their traditions are seen as witchcraft. As a result, they are prevented from practicing their religion freely. The third theme centers around those who are falsely accused of being witches or practicing witchcraft. This continues to take place on a global level, with accusations targeting Indigenous Peoples, widows, the elderly, and children. The final theme centers around the existence of archaic laws that allow these practices or “witch hunts” to continue.

Submissions for this volume can center around one or more of these four themes and may include other themes that are not listed here.

Article submissions are due April 2, 2022 to The articles will go through a blind peer review process and will be published by late 2022. Selected authors will have time to make revisions to their submissions before final publication.

Authors are asked to keep in mind the following:
• Articles must between 5,000 to 15,000 words.
• Use OSCOLA citation system
• All authors are asked to include a micro-bio, keywords, and abstract in the submission.
• Perspectives and submissions across all professional disciplines are welcome.
• Submissions are welcome in English and French at this time.